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What is the difference between editing and reviewing?

Editing and Review play an essential role to ensure the quality of your content. That includes refining the wording, spelling, grammar, and subject matter terminology.


In many ways, the review is an even more significant part of the process, even more than the translation itself. That is why the review stage is included in the ISO 17100 as a compliance item.


Qualified editing concentrates on linguistic and stylistic aspects and the comprehension and accuracy of the source text. Editing might also come after DTP (Desktop Publishing) to ensure that the translated text is in place.


Some customers may have a different understanding of the exact definitions of the editing process, where an experienced project manager would help to identify the exact editing scope. That may include, and is not limited to clarity, consistency, terminology, or instructions.


In addition to the human editing, technology provides great support to the editing/review process. Feel free to refer to our tools page for more information about the editing tools.

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