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What happens before starting a translation or a localization project? Localization Engineering should pop up at the top of the list.

Before starting the localization project, a technical setup is required. Here when the Localization Engineering (LE) takes an essential role in the workflow.

The document preparation to accommodate the text into a translatable environment. Not only to insert the target translation in place but also to convert the document back into its original condition.

The localization engineer, who is preferable to acquire combined IT talent, and perhaps a basic knowledge of computational linguistics. They support the project’s initiation stage by analyzing the specifications, such as the word count, the volumes, the translation memories (TM) to compile what is called a "Translation Kit".

The translation kit’s preparation might also include verifying the correct tags and codes in the middle of the translatable text, along with providing ongoing technical support and problem solving techniques to the project team (Project Managers, and translators) along the way during the project’s execution.  

Our Project Managers are supported by highly talented Localization Engineers to be able to compose a technical quotation for the customers.


The Localization Engineers are in continuous R&D mode, and they are trained to understand complex technical instructions.

What are the typical Localization Engineering skills?

  • Basic knowledge of computer science: such as coding HTML, XML, Python...etc

  • Knowledge of CAT tool and TM concepts.

  • Knowledge of computational linguistics and translation techniques is preferable.

  • Basic knowledge of web development and content management systems (CMS).

  • Continuous R&D skills and enthusiasm for details.

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