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Fixing a Computer

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the difference between “Services” and “Solutions”?

In the language industry, service providers and solution developers work night and day to satisfy the buyer’s demand. In rapidly moving markets, things could get confusing to decide where to go? How much to spend? Or what technical asset to acquire?


The definition: “Language Solution” is our favorite philosophy. Perhaps providing a one-time service could limit the opportunities for mutual growth. However, the term solution is subtly used in our operation and marketing vision to provide means to solve problems and innovate.


We understand that translation and localization could be one of many tasks on your desks to get along with. That is why we offer flexible and customizable service packages. That we call solutions. When translation is completed, a revision stage is required. And when the translation and revision are completed, a proofreading or Language Quality Assurance (LQA) is needed and on and on.

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