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“Be conscious of the global elements in your dreams. When starting local, dream of taking it global sooner.”
- Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Did you know? The size of the global language industry is around 50 million USD. How much do you spend on localizing your brand?

Localization (l10n) is the process of adapting a product, an idea, or a service to match the local requirements and demands in the target markets, where the audience would pay attention, raise interest, and eventually make the decision to purchase or embrace your offering.

So when McDonalds decides to operate in many countries. That is the globalization (g11n) of a famous fast food chain of restaurants. It’s never just the conversion of a source language text into a target language, however, localization serves a deeper marketing impact.

The localization process involves multiple layers and tasks. Starting, as-simple-as-possible, with the product's adaptation to be absorbed by the target region or country. That involves cultural surveying, terminology, and research. Translation comes as one of the core stages. For example, translating the UI (User Interface), and the UX (User Experience), using the proper terms and keywords. Localization is also demonstrated in formatting currencies, numbers, dates, location names, and other important content aspects.

Does that sound like an easy thing to do!?


believe it or not, a single app, a website, a video game or user manual’s localization workflow may involve 100s of dedicated professionals to prepare, execute, and deliver.

No wonder why the largest producers and publishers in the world are investing millions of dollars every year to Localize their products and services. It’s never on-time support. It’s an ongoing and interesting process that became an inevitable necessity in today’s world.

The size of the global language industry is around 47 billion dollars according to Common Sense Advisory's 2018 report. With or without the impact of Covid-19, it's been expected that the language service growth would reach over 60 billion dollars by 2021.

Below of a list of our available localization services

  • ​Website Localization

  • Software localization

  • Game Localization

  • Multimedia Localization

  • Graphic Localization

  • Brand Localization

  • Entertainment Localization

  • Advertisement Localization

Each of the above, and more, require specific managerial talents, specialized resources, tools, and dedication. 

Worry not, we are here for the job!

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