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We offer exclusive and industrious language solutions.
Supported by up-to-date technology and qualified Human Resources

We will analyse your documents, prepare them, and execute your translation work at ease!

Exclusive Managed Services

We are dedicated to supplying full-scale managed localization services. Not limited to translating source text into the requested target language. However, we also tailor your translation and localization workflow from A to Z, releasing you from the burden of asking what to do next? That included analyse, prepare, and fully execute your content.

Our Nimdzi Loc IQ

We had a nice opportunity to completed the Nimdzi Loc IQ (Localization Intelligence Quotient) test. Which is designed by Nimdzi Insight to track, evaluate, and improve the full-scale translation and localization's managed service performance. The report highlights 5 categories of LSP Loc IQ:

  • Culture

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Sales

  • Technology

Feel free to request our full company profile and the Loc IQ report.

Our Loc IQ score

Words Language Solutions - Nimdzi Loc IQ
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