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Our visionary mission is to become the partner of choice by providing professional language solutions to the world, helping our customers and vendors promote ideas, services, and products, aiming towards a successful global presence, while supporting them with experience, talent, and technical capabilities.

Offering a variety of cross-culture business solutions and marketing support from and into more than 150 languages and dialects. We are a small team, yet, confident to support you with more than 15 years of efficient experience and a large network of translation and localization talents.

Established from the heart of the language industry, and maintained by educational background, countless achievements, entrepreneurship, regional network, and technical assets.


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Your Translation & Localization Experts


Imagine the world without translation. Over the years, humans developed means to communicate with each other. Are you looking for a qualified team to translate your documents? >>

Do you know what makes a magazine page looks readable and attractive? It's Desktop Publishing! We offer you a free trial of 2-3 complementary pages. >>

Localization is more than meets the eye! above and beyond conversion from one language to another. It's the action you boldly take to cross the border, adapting your product or service for promotion in other regions >>

Did you ever wonder, what happens before starting a translation or a localization project? Localization Engineering should pop up at the top of the list. >>

Lexicography & Linguistic Data

Dictionaries are not made by words with meanings! It’s a specialty art involves linguistic tasks. Starting from defining headwords, labeling, translating, profiling the cognitive functions and vocabulary. 

If you are in the content business, you probably heard of the term "audiovisual". How can we help you share your multimedia with the world? >>



A professional localization project management service. Tailored to meet your expectations and support your marketing effort...


Hiring the right team in the right place. A visionary vendor management with network and community experience...


We comply with ISO 17100 translation and localization standards. Editing, proofreading, and automated QC checks...


Words Language Solutions - Middle East and North African Languages

Middle East Languages

Arabic - Dari - Farsi - Hebrew - Kurdish - Pashto - Tamazight - Turkish - Urdu

Words Language Solutions - African Languages

African Languages

Afrikaans - Amharic - Hausa - Igbo - Kinyarwanda - Somali - Tigrinya - Xhosa - Yoruba - Zulu and more…

Words Language Solutions - European Languages

European Languages

Armenian - Czech - Dutch - French - German - Greek - Hungarian - Italian - Polish - Spanish - and more…

Words Language Solutions - Central Asian and Indian Languages

Central Asian Languages

Russian - Tajik - Azeri - Kazakh - Hindi - Bengali - Tamil - Kannada - Malayalam - Marathi and more…

Words Language Solutions - South East Asia and Japan Languages

SEA & Japanese

Japanese - Chinese - Korean - Malay - Thai - Burmese - Indonesian - Tagalog - Vietnamese - Hmong and more…



Matthew J.

I appreciate the hardwork and the attention to details. These guys are natural professionals. I'm glad i had a chance to work with them. I highly recommend the WLS team.



Words Language Solutions - SDL Trados Studio
Words Language Solutions - MemoQ
Words Language Solutions - Smartcat
Words Language Solutions - Memsource
Words Language Solutions - Smartling

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